Winter 21/22 Menu

Winter 2021/22 – Open Thu-Sun only
Thu: 3-10pm (kitchen 4-9pm)
Fri-Sun: 12-10pm (kitchen 12-3 / 4-9pm)


Cornish crab cakes with saffron aioli and garnish
(wine pairing: Fiano masseria settearchi)


Soup of the moment with warm focaccia

£7.00 (v+)

Seafood chowder with warm ciabatta
(wine pairing: Sea Change Sauvignon)


Braised pig cheeks with horseradish mash
(wine pairing: Syrah Passi Neri)

£9.00 (gf)

Roasted garlic and asparagus risotto, truffle oil
(wine pairing: Sea Change Pinot Rose)

£8.50 (v+, gf)


Skillet seared 8oz rump (recommended medium-rare) with rustic chips,
cherry vine tomatoes, garlic mushrooms and crispy kale (gf)
(add peppercorn sauce or red wine jus for £3 (gf))
(wine pairing: Equino Malbec)


Lamb rack with herb crust served with boulangere potatoes,
chantenay carrots, garlic chard & jus
(wine pairing: Faustino Rivero Crianza D.O.Ca Rioja)


Fish of the day (please ask for details)
(wine pairing: Domaine La Serre Picpoul de Pinet)

please ask for price

Spiced bean burger in a brioche bun with skin on fries
(please allow 20 mins. cooking time)
(wine pairing: Fiano masseria settearchi)

£12.50 (v+)

Red River Burger – Cornish beef, monterey jack cheese,
red onion marmalade, leaf, tomato and skin on fries
(wine pairing: lLe Fou Pinot Noir)


Locally sourced fish, cooked in our homemade beer batter, skin-on fries and tartar sauce
(wine pairing: Fiori Pinot Grigio)


Vegetable and wild mushroom bourguignon with truffle infused mash and greens
(wine pairing: I Castelli Merlot)

£14.00 (v+, gf)

Chicken supreme with creole cream sauce & green chili mash
(please allow 20 mins. cooking time)
(wine pairing: Sea Change Pinot Rose)

£14.00 (gf)

St Austell Bay mussels in marinière sauce served with warm ciabatta
(wine pairing: Domaine Viognier)



Skin-on fries

£3.00 (v+, gf)

Rustic chips

£4.00 (v+, gf)

Seasonal veg

£3.50 (v+, gf)

Creamy mashed potato

£3.50 (v, gf)

Crisp side salad

£3.50 (v+, gf)

Wild garlic mushrooms

£4.00 (gf)

Sweet potato fries

£4.00 (v+, gf)

Garlic bread

£3.00 (v)

Cheesy garlic bread

£4.00 (v)

For the Kids
(all served with a Simply Fruity drink)

Fish Goujons served with fries and homemade tartar sauce


Chicken bites with fries and beans


Jacket potato with cheese and beans

£6.00 (gf)

Kids burger and fries



Warm treacle tart served with Cornish clotted cream


Coconut panna cotta, mango sorbet, chilli & lime syrup


Winter berry parfait


Dark chocolate delice, salted caramel & coffee ice cream


Variety of Treleavan’s Cornish ice-creams and sorbets

Please ask for price


Soup of the moment served with warm focaccia (v+)

Cornish crab cake served with saffron aioli & garnish

Deep fried halloumi served with sweet chilli dipping & garnish


Slow roasted topside of beef

Cider roasted turkey crown

Nut roast (v+)

All mains are served with roasted potatoes, seasonal veg,
homemade Yorkshire pudding and gravy
(veg gravy for nut roast available)


Cheesecake of the day – ask for details (v)

Warm treacle tart served with Cornish clotted cream (v)

Coconut panna cotta, mango sorbet, chilli & lime syrup


1 course – £12.50

2 courses – £17.50

3 courses – £21.50


Fiori Pinot Grigio

125ml £4.00
175ml £5.50
250ml £7.00
Bottle £19.00

Sea Change Sauvignon

125ml £4.00
175ml £6.00
250ml £7.90
Bottle £23.00

Fiano masseria settearchi

125ml £4.50
175ml £6.50
250ml £8.50
Bottle £24.00

Domaine Viognier

125ml £5.00
175ml £7.50
250ml £9.20
Bottle £26.00

Domaine La Serre Picpoul de Pinet

125ml n/a
175ml n/a
250ml n/a
Bottle £29.00

Monterey Bay Zinf

125ml £3.80
175ml £5.70
250ml £7.20
Bottle £20.00

Sea Change Pinot Rose

125ml £4.00
175ml £6.00
250ml £7.50
Bottle £21.00

Sea Change Provence Rose

125ml n/a
175ml n/a
250ml n/a
Bottle £40.00

I Castelli Merlot

125ml £4.00
175ml £5.50
250ml £7.00
Bottle £20.00

Le Fou Pinot Noir

125ml £4.50
175ml £6.20
250ml £8.10
Bottle £23.00

Equino Malbec

125ml £4.50
175ml £6.50
250ml £8.50
Bottle £25.00

Syrah Passi Neri

125ml n/a
175ml n/a
250ml n/a
Bottle £27.00

Faustino Rivero Crianza D.O.Ca Rioja

125ml n/a
175ml n/a
250ml n/a
Bottle £30.00

Italia Prosecco

200ml bottle £9.50
Bottle £30.00


Passion Fruit Martini

Summer in a glass
Absolut Vodka, vanilla, Passoã, passionfruit puree and orange juice


Espresso Martini

Elegant and delicious – need we say any more?
Espresso martini, coffee, vodka, Tia Maria, sugar syrup


Tom Collins

An old classic
Capsyn Dry Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and chilled soda


Godrevy Beach

Fruity and delicious
Vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice


The Real Mojito

Fresh and crisp
Mint, lime, white rum, sugar and club soda


Courtyard Grasshopper

Put a hop in your step
Vodka, blue curacao, triple sec and orange juice


The Blue Lady

Fresh and elegant
Caspyn Dry Gin, blue curacao, lemon juice and chilled lemonade


A Taste of Christmas

Spiced and fragrant – Christmas Day come early
Fireball whiskey, Cointreau and cloudy apple


A Smooth Baileys

A sweet treat to finish the night
Vanilla vodka, Baileys, Tia Maria and cream



Not for the faint hearted – tropical and fresh
Trio of rum, passionfruit, pineapple juice, lime


Draft Beer and Cider

Red River Session Pilsner

Half £2.30
Pint £4.40


Half £2.30
Pint £4.50

San Miguel

Half £2.40
Pint £4.70

Sharps Atlantic

Half £2.30
Pint £4.60

Sharps Offshore

Half £2.50
Pint £4.80

Doom Bar

Half £2.20
Pint £4.30

Cold River Cider

Half £2.30
Pint £4.50

Rattler Cider

Half £2.40
Pint £4.80


Half £2.40
Pint £4.60

Guest Ale

Half £2.25
Pint £4.50

Bottled Beer and Cider





Lucky Buddha


Old Mout Cider


Heineken 0%


Flavoured Rattler



We have a wide selection of local spirits on offer as well as house.
Please ask a member of staff to go through the selection with you.

Soft Drinks



Simply Fruity




Orange Juice


Pineapple Juice


Apple Juice





£3.50 / £1.75


£3.50 / £1.75

Cordial and Soda

£1.50 / 75p

Red Bull


Fentimans Elderflower


Fentimans Ginger Beer


Fentimans Rose Lemonade


Cornish Spring Water


Hot Drinks









Flat White




Hot Chocolate